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We all know the difficult financial circumstances one can get themselves into, especially during these unprecedented times. Sometimes all we need is a lifeline that will move us forward and allow us to get back up. Fail forward is the answer because no one goes through life without falling at least once or twice. The DonDada Financial Grant may be the hope you need that leads you onto a path of opportunities.

Fiona is a ambitious young lady with Ghanaian heritage who has her eye on a career in marketing. Having had the courage to go after what she wants, Fiona has been able to gain a lot of experience whilst at university. She was given the opportunity to head up the marketing team for the KENT AFRICA society and relished all aspects of her role. Fiona’s current goal is to work for a company that facilitates an environment for personal growth upon graduation. This will allow her to learn the skills required to start her own venture in the future.