DonDada Offers Grants In The UK For POC Apply Now For Q2 - DonDada


DonDada Grants

11% of our profits go towards Opportunity Grants that give young POC the opportunity to fulfil their potential and overcome financial obstacles. Accompanied with every grant are free mentorship opportunities and thus with your help we believe we can make a real impact!

Entrepreneurial Grant

If you are not content being an employee you don’t need to feel like you have to be an employee for the rest of your life, regret is an emotion no one should have to experience. You have to see the invisible to make the impossible, possible! The DonDada Entrepreneurial Grant may be the lifeline you need that takes you in the direction of entrepreneurial prowess.

University Grant

Obtaining your academic foundations are important if you genuinely want to acquire more knowledge in a particular academic field. The roller coaster that is a degree will teach you a lot about life and nothing should hold you back from your right to an education. The DonDada University Grant may be the backing you need to give you the confidence to fulfil your academic dreams!

Financial Grant

We all know the difficult financial circumstances one can get themselves into, especially during these unprecedented times. Sometimes all we need is a lifeline that will move us forward and allow us to get back up. Fail forward is the answer because no one goes through life without falling at least once or twice. The DonDada Financial Grant may be the hope you need that leads you onto a path of opportunities.