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DonDada Grants

11% of our profits go towards Opportunity Grants that give young POC the opportunity to fulfil their potential and overcome financial obstacles. Accompanied with every grant are free mentorship opportunities and thus with your help we believe we can make a real impact!

Entrepreneurial Grant

If you are not content being an employee you don’t need to feel like you have to be an employee for the rest of your life…

University Grant

Obtaining your academic foundations are important if you genuinely want to acquire more knowledge…

Financial Grant

We all know the difficult financial circumstances one can get themselves into, especially…

Why We Do What We Do!

DonDada is about becoming more than what you think or have been told you can be. DonDada is about raising the level of conscious awareness in our society. The company was founded to facilitate an environment where young people of colour who feel unrepresented in society are given the opportunity to elevate, evolve and extend their environment.


To Facilitate an environment where young people of colour see opportunities not obstacles


11% of all profits go towards Opportunity Grants that inspire young people of colour


We sell unique products that give us the resources to add value to thousands of lives


We are a social enterprise that are trying to inspire and motivate young POC

We are here to inspire

We are here to add value

We are here to make a change

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    Connect with us on instagram @dondada_ltd

    DonDada was created by the minority, with the minority, for the minority. We believe it is our responsibility to take this leap of faith. Let’s try our best to provide the fuel that will inspire the ethnic minority youth to overcome their obstacles and fulfil their potential.

    “The youth are the future and our money’s on them”